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Pure You

A unique and beautiful archipelago of small islets from which Arki and Marathi are inhabited. Arki with a population of 33 people and Marathi only with 1 person living full time but during the summer season the tavern owners and employees bring more life to the island.
The main port of Arki is Port Augusta. It is a long, curved bay well sheltered. Care needs to be taken when in aby as depths are not that big and it shallows off fast on both sides of the bay with extended underwater rocks in front of the quay to the left when facing the port. It is a very small port and it gets busy fast. The best time to arrive is early morning hours till 12 p.m. after this time if no more spaces on the quay it is possible to raft up on the sides of the quay but it has to be confirmed earlier with tavern owners due to different schedules of small ferries and day trip boats.
You should call Manolis aka Trypas (+306974894131/+302247032230), owner of Trypas tavern to ask for advice on which spaces are available and what time. Unfortunately, he can not reserve the space but maybe will be able to move some fishing boats around to keep spaces.
Alternatively, it is possible and also it is a very nice idea to go to anchor in one of the two bays south of the main port. Good holding and good shelter.
During high season it is possible to use a bay in front of Marathi island and anchor there. It is also a beautiful and good place to eat out.
In Arki there are two Taverns in the main square and one coffee shop. Most of the time we were using Trypas tavern as he was helping us to arrange the spaces.
Nikolas Tavern is also a good choice for evening meals and breakfasts.
There is no electricity on the quay, water can be delivered by truck, phone number available on the wooden sign hanging on a lantern.
There are 3 beaches available:
One just in front of the bay next to the ferry dock.
Tiganakia another one on the south tip of Arki can be reached after 20 min walk or it is a good choice for a lunch stop and many day trip boats go there. Limnari from the east side of the island also within 20 min walk.
​In case of emergency, the closest medical centers and doctors available are in Patmos or Lips.
The tavern owners will always help as much as they can.

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