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Pandeli Bay (east side of Leros)
Port Authority: +30 22470 22224
Health Centre (Hospital) : +30 22470 23552, Platanos town.
Pandeli bay is a very beautiful and wide bay with a long stretch of the town beach. No real hazard upon approach apart from lobster pots! We love to free swing in this bay. Usually, we were staying at anchor in front of the beach just out of the line of yellow buoys marking the restricted swimming area. During high season the yellow buoys were moved to 10m line contour which made anchoring difficult but not impossible. You just have to be careful as depth drops quickly and plenty of seaweed beds so make sure to let a lot of chain and dig well the anchor. The bay is well protected but in the evening you will experience a few strong gusts.
There is a small harbor but taken over by fishing boats so it's rather impossible to use it. There is a possibility to run line onshore and anchor near the rocks but then usually out of courtesy, you should use the tavern to which rings on rock belong. Those spots also throughout the season are taken by big gullets and motorboats.
No electricity and water are available. Good choice of taverns: we do recommend Pirofani and El Greco ( Mr. Patimenos tel. +30 22 470 25066) and small supermarkets onshore. The dinghy can be left on a small quay at the main small town beach inside the port.
On the slopes of the hill, you will see ruins of old St. John’s knights castle that can be visited and have an amazing panoramic view. There are also some restored old windmills on the hill that are turned into apartments to rent and the café called The View. It is a nice idea for a sunset walk. The castle is open till 8:30 p.m.

Xerokampos (bay south side of Leros)
A bay on the south tip of Leros. No hazards upon the approach, well-protected bay in most of the bad weathers but you will experience strong gusts if weather is bad. The bay has three sets of mooring buoys Red, yellow and white: it is said the red ones do not have that good holding, but we did not experience any problems) prescribed to different Taverns. If you do not want to use a mooring buoy you can easily stay at anchor: good holding in decent depths. During high season it gets crowded fast.
There is a supermarket within 10 min walk on the main road. Small fishing port and it is possible to drop anchor and run a line on the outside of the brake water. Often a guy from one of the Taverns will come on rib and help.

Agia Marina (a bay on the east side up from Pandeli)
A good option if Pandeli bay is full but only in good weather. Free swinging, good choice of taverns, and small supermarkets. Similar set up to Pandeli bay with better depths to drop anchor. No hazards upon approach, look out only for lobster pots!
A good choice for a meal is Mylos Tavern: +30 22 470 24 894/+30 697 345 0973

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