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We invite you to visit with us one of the following greek regions: Dodecanese or Saronic gulf. Both can offer you incredible views of malahit waters, secluded coves, and amazing memories. We will make sure that you will get to know and love those places as much as we do. If you think that you know Greece well we will make sure to surprise you but only in good ways.


When I first arrived on Kos Island I did not know what to think. I spent the past years in Greece, knowing Greece from very traditional, slow food, slow living point of view and my first impression of Kos was its nothing like that…well, I was wrong. Kos is a nice combination of traditional Greece with typical tourist-orientated holiday destination.


Beautiful deep bay, well sheltered. Crystal clear waters, amazing to swim and small town beach available. There are two taverns in the bay and one café on the beach. In the bay you will find two sets of mooring buoys: red and white. We used to use red ones that belong to taverna Ilias on the right hand side. Nomiki and her husband Christos are very helpful.


Pandeli bay is very beautiful and wide bay with long stretch of town beach. No real hazard upon approach apart from lobster pots! We love to free swing in this bay. Usually we were staying at anchor in front of the beach just out of line of yellow buoys marking the restricted swimming area.


Lipsi is a very quaint, traditional little Greek town. The beach is a 15-minute walk away and there are lots of little restaurants with outside grills for fish that the fishermen bring in fresh each day. We normally let the guests have a free night here as there are a few places to choose from.


A sacred place for many - where thousands of pilgrims come to visit every year. This is the place where Saint John wrote the Apocalypse, so the Monastery of Saint John and the Cave of Apocalypse are the most important sights to see. Others love Patmos for its beaches, some of them secluded and some organized, for possibility of daily cruises to surrounding islands as...


A unique and beautiful archipelago of small islets from which Arki and Marathi are inhabited. Arki with a population of 33 people and Marathi only with 1 person living full time but during the summer season the tavern owners and employees bring more life to the island.
The main port of Arki is Port Augusta. It is a long, curved bay well sheltered. 

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