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A sacred place for many

A sacred place for many - where thousands of pilgrims come to visit every year. This is the place where Saint John wrote the Apocalypse, so the Monastery of Saint John and the Cave of Apocalypse are the most important sights to see.
Others love Patmos for its beaches, some of them secluded and some organized, for the possibility of daily cruises to surrounding islands as well as for music and art festivals.
No matter what you believe in and what the world sees, we would like to offer you the possibility of getting to know Patmos as much as we do and love it for its variety and mix of ancient history with the modern world.
Places to be, places to see and to keep forever as a memory.
The Monastery of Saint John the Theologian in Chora.
It is the most significant and religious center on the island. Some would say Patmos is the Monastery, recognizable and visible from every point of the island and from every point at sea. The Monastery was established in 1088 by Agios Christodoulos and can be reached by passing through heavy gates and pebbled pathways. Its treasures are protected by  Byzantine walls and towers.
Below the Monastery spreads the capital of Patmos Chora, with little, narrow streets and whitewashed houses built in traditional Aegean style, a true labyrinth of colorful, domestic yards filled with flowers, gift shops, and taverns.
On the 8th of May, the Monastery celebrates the feast of Agios Ioannis Theologos by holding a ceremony in the church.
When visiting Monastery it’s good to visit the Ecclesiastical Museum of Patmos and have a dose of culture.
The Cave of Apocalypse.
Since 2006 it is declared a heritage site by UNESCO. It is known as the Holy Grotto. The cave is 6,6m long and 5,5 m wide and over the years has been surrounded by a sanctuary. The cave was home to Saint John during the years of his exile by the Roman Emperor Domitian. It is said that in this cave the Book of the Apocalypse was created. The cave itself is lit by seven hanging lanterns and the biggest one hangs over the place where Saint John slept.
Visitors find the cave as a very peaceful and divine place They feel the energy of this incredible mysterious place. We would love to hear your views after the visit.
Skala the main communication center of Patmos.
Skala is a place where the main port of Patmos is situated, and also a town where you will find most of the accommodation, full of life taverns and coffee bars, shops and also some worth visiting majestic sites like the Church of Agia Paraskevi or the ruins of old Acropolis.
Just across from Skala town lies a cute island Petrokaravo that can be reached by boat.
The town is very well connected by buses with other places in Patmos as well as car rental offices. Here in Skala, you will find boats offering daily trips to surrounding islands.
Daily cruises to magic islands.
If you think that you have seen it all in Patmos then we have for you some extra adventures to take on.
There is a variety of daily cruises to choose from, thanks to which you can visit some amazing, picturesque islands and secluded bays and beaches.
One of the small island worth seeing is Arki. A little fishing village built on the island that once belonged to the Monastery of Patmos. Only around 35 people reside in Arki full time, there are no roads, only one connecting the main port for ferries and main village square, the amount of cars and motorbikes is also limited.
Arki island is all about walking and discovering on your own, find your own spots, discover views and paths. There are three main pebble beaches: Tiganakia, Pandelia, and Limnari. It’s hard to say which one is the best, all of them offer access to crystal clear waters, privacy, and some breathtaking views.
Arki has two main visiting points with an almost 360-degree view. One is the main church on top of the hill and the other ancient ruins looking down on the main port and surrounding islets.
You will find the freshest and best fish and seafood brought on a daily basis by local fishermen to local taverns. It is a true feast accompanied by local homemade wine. The Trypas Tavern and Nicholas Tavern will make it an unforgettable food feast for you.
In case you will fell in love with Arki and you would wish to spent there more than just a few hours, then we can offer you to rent a room and you can just lose yourself in Arki’s relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.
Back to Patmos, back to the beach and sunbathing. 
Skala Beach- just under “your nose”, situated next to the port and next to the main road, for many visitors it is a disadvantage but on the other hand, this beach gives you access to clear waters and few trees will provide shade.
Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent.
Agriolivado Beach- located 3km north of Skala with calm waters and a good number of sunbeds and umbrellas for your comfort. Relaxing and with green vegetation.
Kampos Beach-the best-organized beach in Patmos offering good facilities for sailing, paragliding, and windsurfing. Stretches along shallow waters and have plenty of trees to protect you from the sun. Kampos beach has also a nice variety of taverns serving divine seafood.
Other beaches that we would strongly recommend to visit are Livadi Beach, Lambi Beach, Grikos Beach, Meloi Beach and of course Psili Ammos Beach. Why? You will find out on the spot.
You will be mooring stern-to with an anchor on the concrete quay. It can become very busy so would recommend being in before 4 pm as you cannot reserve space. The harbor staff will be there to catch lines for you but they are very relaxed and unlikely to direct you to space.
Care is needed of ferries coming and going plus all the day trip boats, also in Meltemi season expect some strong gusts while approaching the bay. The bottom is mud and weed so good holding but still due to strong gusts lay as much chain as you can. The new quay is mostly occupied by local boats but sometimes you can find a place to go side to at the head of the pontoon.
If no spaces it is possible to anchor off in one of the bays.
Electricity is available on the quay but water is delivered by bowser and therefore has to be pre-ordered. There are no shower or toilet facilities.
Plenty of good places to eat out and to provision. There is one bigger supermarket on the main square and also big supermarket AB following the main road in the direction of the ferry dock and turning right.
The port is managed by the travel company Astoria. There is a small booth in the port where usually one of the persons is sitting and collecting mooring fees. If no one around call +30 2247031205.

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