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A taste of tradition

Lipsi is a very quaint, traditional little Greek town. The beach is a 15-minute walk away and there are lots of little restaurants with outside grills for fish that the fishermen bring in fresh each day. We normally let the guests have a free night here as there are a few places to choose from. We do recommend though Manolis taste’s Restaurant at the upper square and Calypso tavern just in front of the main quay. For morning coffees try Stratos Café just to the left from the main quay.
You will be coming stern-to with an anchor on the inside of the concrete quay. The harbormaster Manolis (+30 6906633901) will direct you. When space is tight, they may put you on the outer side of the quay where the holding in strong gusts is not that good, but we have managed to avoid this all of the season. They may also put you on the far inside part of the quay on the Eastern side of the harbor the port has been dredged so disregard the depths in the pilot book it is good 4 m. The best place and well sheltered in strong gusts and Meltemi is on the inside of the main quay
Be aware of underwater rocks on the east side of Lispi and upon the entrance to the main bay on the right.
Manolis the harbormaster will give you a paper with marked hazards issued by port police.
There are water and electricity available on the quay ( during the high season might be limited). There are shower facilities in the large white apartment building “Kabos Bay” near the ferry dock. It is 4 euro and you get towels and shower gel included. There are public toilets in the square but would avoid them as they were very dirty.
There are no rubbish beans, so you will be asked to leave your rubbish before 9 a.m. on the quay, and Manolis will collect and put it on track.
There is a good supermarket for provisions just in front of the main quay, ATM and pharmacy. Good bakery and ice cream shop to the right top of the main square. Plenty of little cafes and ouzerias serving traditional snacks for drinks.
Manolis the harbormaster is collecting 3 EUR tip for designating the mooring spot and connecting you to electricity and water. The water fee is 3 EUR does not matter how much and the electricity 6 EUR/day. There are also mooring fees collected by a girl that will ask for your boat papers (usually in a high season not at the beginning or end of the season).
The port gets full very fast, it is good to get there before 15 p.m. In case no spaces available you can free swing in a small bay next to a gas station or choose one of the other bays around Lipsi.
The very well know Greek environmental NGO called Archipelagos has its base on Lipsi, if you are interested in involving your guests in some environmental actions it is the best place to visit and ask and take leaflets. Their main office is placed on the upper square near the church.

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